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The benefits of a bubble bath!

From soothing aching muscles, to quieting the mind through relaxation, the healing powers of a warm bath reach far beyond merely cleansing the body. In fact, the benefits of allowing a few minutes a day to unwind, de-stress and meditate in the bathtub have been observed and practiced in societies as far back as the ancient Egyptians.

What was once considered a privilege to be enjoyed only by select few (Egyptian royalty), is now an inexpensive yet luxurious way to pamper yourself - simply by sitting in a tub of good old fashioned H20. So the next time you contemplate taking a shower, why not opt instead for a warm, relaxing bath. Go ahead and pour in that bubble bath, add some enchanting oils and allow yourself to be transformed in the comfort of your very own bathroom.

Here are some tips to help you celebrate your down time and reap the ultimate rewards from your daily “hydrotherapy” experience:

1.) Make Your Own Bubble Bath Using Natural Ingredients. It is healthier, and easier than ever to make your own personal formula. Not only do you spare yourself the chemical additives and preservatives of a store bought brand, but handpicking ingredients also allows you steer clear of products that effect your allergies. Visit your local health food store and ask a representative for assistance in selecting your natural products.

2.) Bring on the Rose Petals. Often used in products to hydrate and moisturize skin, rose petals add a delightful aroma as well as a luxurious visual aesthetic. Why not grab a single rose on the way home from work and sprinkle a few petals in the bathtub to create an over-the-top multi sensory escape.

3.) Get disconnected. If it rings, beeps, vibrates or will otherwise distract you from your bathing experience, turn it off. Remember, this is time for you to relax, unwind and get in touch with your spiritual self. No electronic communication devices necessary.

4.) Let there be candlelight. One of the easiest ways to send a message to your mind and body that it is time to relax, is to dim the lights and light a candle. Focus on the comfort of the water against your body, the pleasant aroma of your natural bubble bath and the relaxing glow of candlelight. Enjoy the escape. Repeat often.


(Source: e-ndorphins)