enduringindulgence: your writing is so beautiful, it gives me shivers. keep up all the good work, i will read it all, love

I don’t think I will ever have the words to express my gratitude for messages like this, means the absolute world to me. Thank you!

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Anonymous: Where would you recommend getting cute hippie like clothing and jewelry as well as things to redo my room?

As I don’t know whereabouts you live I’d suggest a cute online website that might tickle your pickle!

Etsy which I adore for jewelry and cute little phone cases / laptop cases 

If you live in the UK or happen to have a store called the “Range” near where you are I’d suggest that for furnitute!

As for clothes - any cute little street stores / anywhere that has exotic and an interesting choice of quirky bits and bobs that can spice up any outfit is ideal :)

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Anonymous: Where r u from?

England :)

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ink-blu: Sorry for reblogging so much but I am in love 💖💞👍

Are you kidding me!? Dont be sorry! Thank you so much! 🙈

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Anonymous: Can love be escaped? Or should it be given in to?

Love is not something that should ever be escaped as it is so rare and beautiful to have found in the first place. Although, having said this, it is not something that ambushes you from behind but rather a flame that emerges from two gentle sparks that, once found by each other, ignite into a flaming desire, engrossed in passion and lust - that later simmers down into a mutual understanding. It’s the job of those who have been lucky enough to find love to keep up the effort and fan the coals. Two people who want and desire each other and for what they have to keep going will have no difficulty finding new embers to add to their flame, new experiences, new memories that need to be made. It’s a fine line between working on their love and letting it dissipate into a pile of ashes with nothing but a wisp of smoke to show for the passion that once lit their days and warmed their hands on cold december nights. In answer to your question, it is definitely a warmth that should not only be given into but allowed to consume and fill your heart and warm your soul. 

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tastethesazerac: nice tummy! But I was wodering are crunches better ofr your back than situps?

I always tend to vouch for working the upper and lower abdomen seperately, upper with crunches and lower with leg lifts etc. The best complete ab and upper arm and back work out is a plank so be sure to integrate that into your work out as well! 

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Anonymous: If this is too personal feel free to ignore, but i was wondering if you could share your diet and exercise routine? Thank you x

Of course, I’d be more than happy to.

1. Portions and healthier choices. Moderation is the absolute key. Do not restrain yourself from eating what you desire but try to take a step back before giving into temptation towards more unhealthy things that you may crave in the beginning of your lifestyle change (after a week or so of reducing sugar you’ll notice you don’t even want to eat it - so stay persistent, drink a glass of water and re-evaluate if you really want that chocolate bar) Always, obviously, try to heavily lean towards natural, earth-grown foods and steer clear of anything that requires a label. Water, water water! Erase ALL sugary and fizzy drinks - this one requires no moderation. There is absolutely no benefit and these horrid liquids rot you out from the inside. One strict rule - ditch the fizz.

2. Daily activity. I’m a big believer in doing things that are the opposite of monotonous. That means no gym membership and yes yoga mat in my room, comfortable hiking/walking/running shoes and ballet / floor barre / pilates / yoga classes /swimming.  Get out there every day and so some sort of heartbeat pumping exercise that also gets that smile out. Really immerse yourself in your environment. Not something that makes you think “can’t wait till this is over and I can get home” but things you truly enjoy. Then you’ll stick to them, be happy and staying fit will never seem a chore! Win!

If there’s anything else at all you’d like to know drop me a message and i’d be happy to help.

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routinologist: Hey random music lover here, tell me the song that you currently can't take out of your head/have fallen in love with/describes your current status accurately. Have a nice day,anyway:)

Hello! These are currently stuck in my head, I hope you like them!

Have a lovely day :) 

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a-grinchy-quid-pro-quo: What would be your perfect first date?

Something out of the ordinary, a chance for two people to really get to talk and see if their personalities mesh well. Perhaps a night picnic or a long walk to a beautiful place that neither person has been. Something different for sure :) 

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thefallenthoughts: Hey you, how are you doing? I hope you feel better soon. I know the other woman is on Netflix, or was and usually I go with put locker for streaming films otherwise. I hope that helps. Don't you have like a happy movie for when your sick? How to train your dragon is kind of an awesome one.

I’m okay just feeling a bit poorly today :( I’ve looked all over for a putlocker link and haven’t got a netflix account i’m afraid :( Thank you for your help anyway, how to train your dragon is brilliant! I hope you’re well :)

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