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Anonymous: hi, i was wondering if you had any advice on starting uni in the uk? i start next month and i'm so nervous about freshers week, and having to go into the kitchen when there's strangers in there , etc. thnak you xx

This was me exactly a year ago! I was so nervous and afraid but let me tell you one year later I look back and realize although the nerves were perfectly normal and expected, they were completely unnecessary.

Freshers week is going to be absolute chaos usually, you’ll either go to all the events with your new flatmates or you’ll do whatever it is you want to and meet new people at these events. I wanted to go to all the events that the uni put up itself but there was this one girl that I lived with (who later left uni as it wasnt her cup of tea) that had changed her course and was re-doing her first year who said that the “cool” thing was to go to all these other clubs and things. Fair to say despite being the only one from my flat to went to all the uni events I had an absolute blast. Later on, my flatmates and I all bonded and I didn’t have to look back and regret not making my own decisions. Don’t put too much pressure on freshers - it’s usually so crowded and a massive party and everyone being quite nervous and trying to counteract that with copious amounts of alcohol but it’s great nonetheless. However, the nights out tend to get much better as you get to know new people and make some close friends and everything cools down a bit. I’m more excited for this years freshers than last :)

When you do finally meet your new flatmates it will be different and strange but believe me within about 3 minutes you’ll be getting along absolutely fine! Remember you’re all in the same boat, just be friendly, smile and be yourself. As soon as you’ve met the first person it’ll be absolutely fine anyway. Everyone’s going to be eager to meet you and your first year is going to be an absolute blast believe me. I wish I was going back into first year again, it was incredible. Be outgoing, bite the bullet and have the time of your life! Dont let yourself over-stress about anything. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, I’d be happy to help :) 

b-huh: hi there. you have a gift with words. i know it's always cheesy for a guy to inbox a girl on tumblr but i thought i would drop this note. it always puts a smile on my face to read about people who expand their lives through travel. you most likely will never meet me, but bless you and your travels.

Thank you very much, your message put a huge smile on my face :) May you have a very blessed journey too! 

tastelesazerac: Hey if you were a president, you would be Baberham Lincoln. That's from Wayne's world.

HAHA that’s brilliant! Hats off to you!

barborajacobs: Aww thank you for accepting my request sweetie! <3

That’s okay Barb! Sorry it took so long to reply :) 

b-tchin: I love your blog omg

Thank you! :)

hurricanesandsugarcanes: Holy fuck your blog is fantastic...

Thank you very much! :)

enduringindulgence: your writing is so beautiful, it gives me shivers. keep up all the good work, i will read it all, love

I don’t think I will ever have the words to express my gratitude for messages like this, means the absolute world to me. Thank you!

Anonymous: Where would you recommend getting cute hippie like clothing and jewelry as well as things to redo my room?

As I don’t know whereabouts you live I’d suggest a cute online website that might tickle your pickle!

Etsy which I adore for jewelry and cute little phone cases / laptop cases 

If you live in the UK or happen to have a store called the “Range” near where you are I’d suggest that for furnitute!

As for clothes - any cute little street stores / anywhere that has exotic and an interesting choice of quirky bits and bobs that can spice up any outfit is ideal :)

Anonymous: Where r u from?

England :)

ink-blu: Sorry for reblogging so much but I am in love 💖💞👍

Are you kidding me!? Dont be sorry! Thank you so much! 🙈