expensiveemotions asked:
I am absolutely I love with your notes. Words cannot describe how relevant they are to my life. It's nice to see there's people out there who understand. Thank you

This message means so much to me, thank you. I’m so happy if my writing has in any way made you feel more understood / happy.

thefallenthoughts asked:
Your blog is incredibly beautiful as are you!

thank you so much, thats such a beautiful thing to say! :) 

bedfordboxoffice asked:
cool blog! please keep up the good work! much respect, slj

thank you very much :) 

Anonymous asked:
It will pass.

three simple words but three that mean so much. have a wonderful day. 

squeezethelimemydear asked:
Hi okay this is really weird. I read your post about your ex and I thought you honestly were writing about my story. I loved him more than myself, which destroyed us. When we broke up I didn't know how to live. When I saw him he literally became a greaser. So I thought it would be fine for us to be friends- wrong he just failed at his looks. He was still the only man that made me stop thinking about everything for a while. Before I realized it was just his appearance that changed- it was easier

If one person out there has related to what i’m feeling then sitting down and writing that post has 100% fulfilled its purpose, thank you so much for taking the time to write this to me. wishing you all the best!

wizthewizard asked:
The neighbourhood is amazing. Have you ever heard Afraid? that was the song that originally got me into them :)

Ooh no I havent, will listen to it as soon as I get home, thank you for the recommendation :)

Anonymous asked:
What are your favorite songs?

Lately I’ve been quite obsessed with:

Sweater Weather & Flawless by The Neighbourhood
I’m Into You by Chet Faker 
New Politics by Harlem 
Stay by Henry Krinkle (Majestic)
Hold On We’re Going Home - Pia Mia Cover
Falling - Haim
Sure Thing (Miguel Cover) - Trails and Ways 
Mr.Brightside Cover by The Vamps
Bad by Wale ft. Rihanna
Always Attract by You Me at Six
Chocolate by The 1975
Bad Day & All Bad by Justin Bieber
Paris by Lana Del Rey
Uprising by Muse
Do I Wanna Know, Fire Side, Snap Out Of It, Knee High Socks, 505 by The Arctic Monkeys
You’ve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger - Beth Rowley

barbjacobs asked:
No don't apologize, it was actually good. It gave me lot of space for my thoughts, that is always good! So thanks. I was just wondering what it means to you. :) Thanks for answer (:

that’ okay, i’m glad it left space for personal interpretation - it’s nice for every string of words to mean something special to each individual. You’re very welcome :) 

barbjacobs asked:
Hiii... I want to ask, what this quote means to you? "If you don’t chase what you can’t give up… who are you?"

Just that what is irreplaceable / something that you dont want to give up makes you the person you are, that is what matters to you. I tried to say that what you value is always worth trying to get, and that if you don’t - then who are you really? Sometimes I can’t get what I want to say exactly how I want to in words - sorry if that was confusing :) 

Anonymous asked:
How do I become free spirited?

I don’t think I could define this in a way that would be textbook-perfect, but I’ll explain what it would mean in my eyes. Follow your inner peace and heart, trust yourself and live with love, be the best version of yourself and do not let anything or anyone have control over your happiness / sadness. Be at peace with everything that happens around you and act in such a way that at the end of each day when you put your head on your pillow you can smile and say to yourself, “I’m so proud of you”. 

I believe that to be the secret to being at piece and free spirited.