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ada, nineteen, universty student finding her way in the world, currently based in the UK.
My inspiration corner.
"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." Buddha

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"   I can smell your jacket even if its just in the same room as me. It doesnt need to be under my head, in my arms or around my shoulders for me to know its there. For me to feel its presence. Maybe thats just a grand metaphor thats been staring me in the face and maybe its all just the final crescendo in the symphony of miles and take offs, landings and beers to numb the pain of missing you that has made this summer. a grand concoction that boils down to one simple fact: knowing you are there is sometimes just enough.   "

watched palo alto tonight and it was pretty good. quite jagged and rocky in a sense but I felt like despite it’s measly 6.5 stars I felt like it left a lot to the imagination. You could make of it what you liked and it was very personal. Also, Emma Roberts is a babe and a half. Then my friend came over and we had some midnight coffees, good luck sleeping tonight to me..

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